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Connecting to multiple databases

I have multiple databases, I copied data from default neo4j database to example1 database using neo4j-admin copy command. I updated few values on leader node( writer) in example1 database. when I used withDatbase or forDatabase() in java code by passing the database name in session configuration, I am not getting results from example1 database from Java API where as when I execute query in cypher shell i'm seeing updated values.

I've created ticket with Neo4j team and I shared query.log and debug.log, but since 3 weeks we have not found root cause why API not fetching right results.

I am using neo4j java driver 4.4.9. is there any bug in Neo4j Driver in 4.4.9 ? 



Do i need to set any session time out or something else ?  Appreciate your response.


SessionConfig config = SessionConfig.builder()

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