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Connect to multiple Neo4j aura instances



Is it possible with the JS Driver to connect to multiple neo4j (aura) instances?

I am also open to alternative solutions.

Situation: We are developing a platform for multiple customers. Each customer should have his own Database. Since it is not possible to create multiple databases in the neo4j aura version and the developer says that one should simply create more instances, I am wondering if it is possible to connect the neo4j JS driver to multiple instances.

We also thought about splitting the data logically with an extra label but besides this is a super dirty solution, this is also not possible because of data privacy.


Right now we are using a self-hostet solution but we want to move to the cloud to make use of the benefits of the cloud.



More information may be  needed.  It reads like you are asking if one driver can connect to different instances/databases?  So have different driver sessions using the same js driver? 

That is possible.  Just need to instantiate 1 driver per database instance