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About the Drivers & Stacks category

All applications using Neo4j depend on drivers to execute statements to update or query data. Neo4j drivers are mostly built on the binary Bolt protocol. Official drivers exist for Java, JavaScript, .Net, Python, and Go and more. Other languages (R, ...

yolande by Community Team
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Retrieve compound results with .NET driver

I have used the official .NET driver to create a small graph representing my domain. It all works fine. I am also able to retrieve individual nodes and convert them to typed objects. So far so good. But then I want to do some more complex questions l...

Seabolt example

@technige would you mind creating the Example 1.4. Hello World in using seabolt? It would be a great jumpstart for us. Thank you.

ImportError: cannot import name 'NodeMatcher'

Trying to import NodeMatcher using py2neo in Jupyter notebook. Used the lines below. It loads Node and Graph but not the NodeMatcher and RelationshipMatcher import py2neo from py2neo import Graph, Node, Relationship, NodeMatcher, RelationshipMatcher...

Neo4j Error

{ Neo4jError: Connection acquisition timed out in 60000 ms. at captureStacktrace (/var/app/current/node_modules/neo4j-driver/lib/v1/result.js:200:15) at new Result (/var/app/current/node_modules/neo4j-driver/lib/v1/result.js:73:19) at Session._run (/...

Resolved! Need help with my project

Anyone used the Neode OGM for Javascript? . I am having problems defining the relationships in my Db. I have a GraphDb that shows a list of Locations with some of these locations being nested inside each other. I have defined the models but when usin...

GraphQL - Optional Match Implementation

Greetings graphistas! I have been using the Spacetime Reviews example provided by @William_Lyon, but working on implementing it within the GRANDstack framework. I was able to get the first part of having icons show up on a map working last night (hur...

Creating dynamic relation names with Java

Hello, I'm trying to create relations between already created nodes. I'm able to create normal relations (fixed names) without any problems but I'm not able to create relation names dynamically. I explain: I'm trying to replicate the model explained ...

How to retrieve existing session instance?

Hi All, I am trying to use session from Spring Data Neo4j framework. I have the following session initiation method right now, but it is only a work around. Configuration configuration = new Configuration.Builder() .uri("bolt:...

dmodi by Node
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Neo4j unmanaged extension - blockchain integration

Dear community, Currently I’m working on a project to build a prototype that integrates Neo4j with a blockchain framework (Exonum in our case). The idea is to have distributed nodes running a local neo4j database and use blockchain consensus algorith...

Remove/Change secondary labels with Neo4j-OGM

Hi again, I've been having some trouble with changing the labels for my nodes with the neo4j-ogm framework. While using the @Labels annotation for a collection of labels I can load labels from the graph just fine, as well as store new labels, but if ...

Martin by Node Link
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