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About the Drivers & Stacks category

All applications using Neo4j depend on drivers to execute statements to update or query data. Neo4j drivers are mostly built on the binary Bolt protocol. Official drivers exist for Java, JavaScript, .Net, Python, and Go and more. Other languages (R, ...

yolande by Community Team
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Announcing neo4j-connector 1.0.0 (python 3.5+)

This is the official announcement of the release of neo4j-connector 1.0.0. For some background see below but the most important links are: Install: pip install neo4j-connector Documentation: Github: ...

Connection issue via py2neo not working

Hi, I have a perfectly working python/neo4j/py2neo setup on a personal laptop - everythin installed via anaconda. I'm trying the same setup on my corporate environment - so fresh install of anaconda + install of the py2neo package but there I get fol...

Py2neo graph traversals

I have created a graph database. How can I perform graph traversals using py2neo? Can I apply traversal algorithms such as BFS and DFS in py2neo? Also how can I write a cypher query which gives all the relationships and nodes existing between two nod...

pckrt by Node
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Neo4j join table like data

Hi everybody, I'm quite new to Neo4j and doing currently some testing to check if Neo4j can help out in some complicated data modelling. I have a requirement that I have to show some data in a table like style. Let's say I have a hierarchy (very much...

joern by Node
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Testing plugin depending on apoc

Hi, I am busy developing my own java plugin for neo. I am using maven and writing unit tests using harness, as is suggested in the tutorials.. Now, in my plugin i want to use apoc, as there are some excellent functions in there, and i plan to do it b...

kaptenh by Node Clone
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Neo4j-grapql-js custom cypher query

I'm attempting to create a custom cypher query through the neo4j-graphql-js driver. I've found the documentation pretty useful but for some reason I'm getting stuck. I've created this query in my schema: type Query { mineralTotal(name: String): Flo...

Query multiple types with GraphQLs Union or Interface

Came across an issue and I'm not sure why im not getting it to work... I want to query 2 object types in one query because I want them all preferably ordered by date from Neo4j. Im trying both Interface and Union with no luck... Not sure what im miss...

Created by and Edited by Releationships

I'm attempting to add created by and an edited by relationships on each of my nodes. My first attempt looked like this: type Created @relation(name: "CREATED_BY"){ from: User to: Tract, Well, SWD, Operator date: Date } Which of course doesn't ...

GraphQL schema question

Have been trying to follow the Grandstack Movie example schema definitions and apply it to my project, but keep running into an error when I am using the following: countBySubstring(substring: String): Int! @cypher( statement: "MATCH (c:Company) WHER...

HTTP API and Language Drivers

I'd to use JavaScript from the browser (front-end) to access a Neo4j database. From my understanding I should use the HTTP API in this scenario? The official JavaScript language driver is only for Node.js on the back-end?