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About the Drivers & Stacks category

All applications using Neo4j depend on drivers to execute statements to update or query data. Neo4j drivers are mostly built on the binary Bolt protocol. Official drivers exist for Java, JavaScript, .Net, Python, and Go and more. Other languages (R, ...

yolande by Community Team
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Resolved! Mutation for creating relationship

export const typeDefs = ` type University { id: ID! level: Int } type Department { id: ID! name: String level: Int has: [Position] @relation(name: "HAS", direction: "OUT") childsof: [Department] @relation(name: "CHILD_OF", direction: "I...

Example with the Movie database

Hi everyone! I finally made the neo4r movie database example, I didn't follow the neo4j example because it didn't cover the main functions of the neo4r package. Also, there are some issues to fix. Anyway, I prefer to wait for revision to merge in the...

How to set logging into logfile for Neo4j driver

Hello, I invoke the Neo4j driver from an application to connect to Neo4j. Now I use a logger in my application and write the logs of my application into a certain log file in the application directory. In addition, I now have the requirement that all...

SDN + Reactive?

My colleague who understands the Java stack far better than I pointed out that a synchronously queried database may not work so well with the reactive patterns we're using in our projects (WebFlux). The concern was thread starvation, so he found me t...

Jiropole by Graph Voyager
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Is getQueryStatistics() reliable

Hi all, I am working on a unit test for an extension to apoc I started long ago. So long, I am using a branch based upon neo 3.3 My test fails because t.getQueryStatistics().getNodesDeleted() is always zero. So I was wondering if getQueryStatistics w...

wadael by Node Clone
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Removing a relationship

So I have a quite functional setup that will add nodes as needed without duplication, however I'm at a total loss on how to remove a relationship between two nodes via save. Using og, 3.1.7 @NodeEntity public class Person extends Entity { @Relati...

How to map return type of repository method

I have a repository method that returns a list of lists. List<List<RouteRelationship>> findPaths(String a, String z, String rate); When I run my query with the repository method defined as above, I get no data returned. However if I change the meth...

Using Driver and OGM with datetimes

Hi, I'm using the java driver version 1.7.3, and the OGM 3.1.7 with the bolt driver. I've ended up using the java driver to import data, as doing it through the OGM was proving to be too slow (and ran out of memory for the larger data saves). I kep...

Return relationships-with-properties as Query results

Hi, I have a graph network with relationship having properties. So i have modeled them as separate relationship type. Normally cypher would be (u1:User)-[:HAS_ACCESS_TO {role: "readOnly"]-(e1) and there are separate nodes that define what permissions...

npatel by Node Clone
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Resolved! OGM fails to map certain types in Kotlin data class

I noticed that my String @Properties were mapping fine, but not a FloatArray. In fact, only first two strings get mapped – even if the third property is a String, it isn't mapped. However, this object also contains a FloatArray, so I suspect that onc...

Jiropole by Graph Voyager
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Flexible schema without POJOs

Hello, I am getting started with creating an application that does CRUD operations with Neo4j and Java. I wanted to know if there is an alternative way if I do not want to create POJOs to represent my entities/ models in Spring Boot? I would prefer t...

Govendor is throwing below error

$ govendor fetch cd E:\projects\go.cache\govendor\\neo4j\neo4j-go-driver; git reset --hard origin/master fatal: ambiguous argument 'origin/master': unknown revision or path not in the working tree. Use '--' ...