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All applications using Neo4j depend on drivers to execute statements to update or query data. Neo4j drivers are mostly built on the binary Bolt protocol. Official drivers exist for Java, JavaScript, .Net, Python, and Go and more. Other languages (R, ...

yolande by Community Team
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Rust drivers

Is anyone using Rust with Neo4J? I really like the safety and speed for an API but most of the drivers don't seem to be in active development, or they're only targeting the REST API which doesn't seem optimal for performance. If anyone can weigh in o...

Lifecycle Functions in seabolt

@technige could you explain just for my understanding at which point is the corresponding functionality in java driver to the 2 lifecycle functions Bolt_startup and Bolt_shutdown called? I assume those functions are meant to be called once per proces...

Resolved! Unable to change the neovis.js nodes colors using .grass file

Hi, I am able to change the color of the nodes through .grass file by uploading it in Favorites section in Neovis.js . However, i am unable to reflect the same changes in neovis.js . I even put the same .grass file in all the folders of neovis.js. Bu...

sucheta by Graph Buddy
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Bolt Structure and Bolt Dictionary

Could you guys give some explanation about the types Bolt Structure and Dictionary? What do they correspond in Java driver. How does seabolt support the temporal and spacial types?

Ignoring `null` values when querying

I am working on a map visualization where I query locations and plot them. However, some of the items to be mapped currently have some null values for longitude and latitude. I am aware that I will eventually have to correct those, but until then. Un...

Repo query method is slow

Hi devs, I am experiencing performance issues with a rather small dataset (few hundred thousand nodes). I have the following nodes: (NodeA)-[:ASSOCIATED_WITH]-(Association)-[:MARKER]-(Marker) @NodeEntity public class NodeA{ @GraphId Long id; priva...

Ogm.model Result automatically casts to Entity

Hi. I have a situation where a Person node relates to many other property nodes (rather than adding redundant properties directly to Person, e.g. CostCenter, Grade, Status, Role, etc.). All those node types have a name and uuid property, and I've wri...

Resolved! Rehydrating @RelationshipEntity without the rel 'id'

I want to use to update a @NodeEntity and its subgraph via @RelationshipEntity. I also have a situation where it is not convenient to have the ids of the @RelationshipEntity's on hand. If I do not have the @Id value set, it appears to ...

Jiropole by Graph Voyager
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Why this query doesn't work in bolt session?

result, err = session.Run("with $inputword as list match (p:Person) where in list return p.age as ages", map[string]interface{}{"inputword": "['name1', 'name2']"}) The query work well in web browser but not in Go program.

gigauser by Graph Buddy
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Compiling Seabolt on Arch Linux

As of v1.7.0-rc02 of Seabolt there seems to be an issue compiling on Arch Linux even after setting OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR. Not sure if this is an issue with Arch Linux being a rolling release distro and Arch is using an incompatible version of OpenSSL. If ...

Too slow Traverse

Hi all . . . The problem: It's a multiiple origin one destination problem. The origin node is "7" and the origin nodes are: 9,1 and 10. It has to return de numer of nodes into the diferent path between all the nodes (label:inicio) (Source) and the de...

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