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All applications using Neo4j depend on drivers to execute statements to update or query data. Neo4j drivers are mostly built on the binary Bolt protocol. Official drivers exist for Java, JavaScript, .Net, Python, and Go and more. Other languages (R, ...

yolande by Community Team
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Hi there, is anyone aware of an oauth2 implementation for neo4j? I am only aware of ldap is available. But I would like to authenticate through keycloak and oauth2/JWT. this would then allow for end to end user idendification and complete tracability...

How to use multiple labels with GraphQL?

Hello, I'm getting started with GraphQL. Long time Neo4j user. My question is how does one use multiple labels? How would I do the following in the Schema? CREATE (n:Person:Admin) SET n = {name: 'John Smith'} RETURN n QUERY MATCH (n:Person:Admin) W...

chad by Node
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Json object in propertys

Hello, I want to put a json object into a property and retrive it. Ex: i have a node with a property test:'[{"id":"string",tilte:"string"},{"id":"string",tilte:"string"}]' i want to deserialize this property ton an object with de neojclient driver bu...

Relationship to map variable

Suppose I have a class as follows: @NodeEntity public class Car{ @Id String plateNumber; @Property String color; } @NodeEntity public class Person { @Property String idCardNumber; Map <String, Car> cars; } How to define a relat...

Neo4j Mapping Exception

I am a MappingException error when executing the following piece of code: Configuration configuration = new Configuration.Builder() .uri("file:///var/lib/neo4j/data/databases/graph.db") .credentials("neo4j","no...

How does enabling HTTPS helps while connecting from JAVA

I have setup a self-signed ssl in Neo4j Enterprise server. I'm able to connect from Neo4j browser on 7473 port. however how does setting up SSL help while connecting from Java or any other sdk. From documentation i could figure out using Bolt or Bolt...

fme_mrc by Node Clone
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Handling infinite result streams

From the org.neo4j.driver.v1.StatementRunner javadoc : While these semantics introduce some complexity, it gives the driver the ability to handle infinite result streams (like subscribing to events), significantly lowers the memory overhead for your...

Driver & Docker Headache

No I have been trying to dockerize my go api which is supposed to use the new driver to connect to a database installed in another container. I have followed an article and thanks to the author, I was able to build the application using docker-compos...

Py2neo docs : suggestions to improve the documentation

Hi guys I am learning both CYPHER and py2neo and sometimes I feel that things could be improved in the documentation for this (py2neo particular driver. I made some comments on Slack about it and I was recommended to be more precis...

MiniMe by Node
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Resolved! Mutation for relationship with objects as arguments

Hi, I have a mutation createaAccess that creates a HAS_ACCESS_TO relationship between 2 nodes. This works fine. createaAccess(user: ID!, entity_role: [String]!, application_role: [String]!, entity: Int!): WorkstationUser @cypher( statem...

npatel by Node Clone
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