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All applications using Neo4j depend on drivers to execute statements to update or query data. Neo4j drivers are mostly built on the binary Bolt protocol. Official drivers exist for Java, JavaScript, .Net, Python, and Go and more. Other languages (R, ...

yolande by Community Team
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OGM Javadoc

I can't find java docs for OGM. Is it available anywhere? A developer's guide is nice, but I also like doing things from the API listing. Thanks.

bpruitt by Node Link
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Hi Guys, Im running into an issue using neomodel in my flask project. When i'm trying to setup a relationship between 2 classes i keep running into the ClassAlreadyDefined exceptions. I suspect the problem is that I import the object in the controlle...

Does remove attributes?

I'm working on a new relational database (not my choice) and at the point where I have to update a record I am calling the save method on the repository - which is dutifully writing both the null and non-null attributes values alike to the database. ...

RETURN not work on Javascript Driver

This cypher query is working on Neo4j Browser but its not working with javascript driver. It returns 0 record. I need ID of node a. const result: v1.StatementResult = await 'MATCH (f:Firma) WHERE id(f) = $fId MERGE (f)-[y:YASIYOR{t...

Doing 2 mutations at once

We're using neo4j-graphql-js. It's absolutly incredible tool. Managing a database and API thru a simple Schema is amazing approach. Thank you so much for that. We're huge fan. I'm trying to figurate how to do a simple mutation which involve 2 mutatio...

Resolved! Multiple request parameters which are not required

I’m using Spring Boot with Neo4j. I’m able to specify several @RequestParam parameters in my controller. And, in my repository, I’m able to build @Query cypher statements and return specific custom query results. I would like to create dynamic qu...

Trying to get Golang + BOLT driver working / failing

Hi all, trying to get the golang driver running / the latest simple refused ; I wonder if no longer it's being maintained by Neo4j ? vendor/ could not determine kind of name for C.BOLT_MODE_DIRECT vend...

jeremy by Node Clone
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Issue in merging two schema result

I want to merge two schema result.Since Graphql does not make the merge statement for me. I have tried to make it myself but when i am trying to merge it is giving me null value ... query{ users { id User_ID Name settings { U...

Resolved! Get current session in SDN

How can I get the current session in a Neo4j SDN @Transactional method? e.g. if I want to run a query that is used only in one place and I do not want to make a separate method for it in a repository. It seems that a SessionFactory must have a getCur...