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About the Drivers & Stacks category

All applications using Neo4j depend on drivers to execute statements to update or query data. Neo4j drivers are mostly built on the binary Bolt protocol. Official drivers exist for Java, JavaScript, .Net, Python, and Go and more. Other languages (R, ...

yolande by Community Team
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Repository delete method

Does the Spring repository delete method work like the Cypher detach delete? In other words if I delete an Entity using myEntityRepository.delete(myEntity); will that delete all relationships with myEntity? or do I need to write a @Query MATCH(...) ...

Problem while fetching @NodeEntity

package com.clusstre.connectionservice.domain; import lombok.*; import org.neo4j.ogm.annotation.GeneratedValue; import org.neo4j.ogm.annotation.GraphId; import org.neo4j.ogm.annotation.Id; import org.neo4j.ogm.annotation.Version; import org.neo4j.o...

Grandstack (Stenciljs- web component complier)

Looking for information to integrate StencilJS into the Grandstack. Stenciljs is a compiler for Vanilla Javascript web components for dependent on a platform . Any ideas..I think web components free you up from using a platform

Resolved! Using multiple datasources with Apollo and Neo4j

Hello community, I'm currently trying to extend my setup to be able to use Apollo GraphQL server (lambda version) with an additional datastore (DynamoDB in this particular case). I stumbled upon the following mentions for writing custom resolvers for...

malik by Node Clone
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Resolved! Spring Data Dynamic Bolt connection

Currently our Spring Boot Neo4J app connects via the values found in However, we would like this app to be able to con...

Stream neo4j query result in same transaction

I'm trying without success to stream all nodes from a neo4j graphdb while calculating their path using nodejs and neo4j js driver. I'm using two queries, the first one fetch all nodes nodes and using the observer onNext then I try to execute the quer...

mehdikwa by Node Link
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How to make this not dangerous?

from neo4j import GraphDatabase driver = GraphDatabase.driver("bolt://localhost:7687", auth=("neo4j", "pass")) def add_friend(tx, name, friend_name):"MERGE (a:Person {name: $name}) " "MERGE (a)-[:KNOWS]->(friend:Person {name:...

wis by Node
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Return brower 'table' info with dotnet Neo4j.Driver

in the browser I can run some cypher say- MATCH (start:Node{node:'IP-0000110637'}), (end:Node{node:'FD9-END'}) CALL, end, "steps") YIELD nodeId, cost MATCH (o:Node) WHERE id(o) = nodeId RETURN o.node AS node, cost And g...

bscola by Node
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Ipv6 issue for py2neo on Kubernetes

We have a Python project connecting to Neo4j, running inside Kubernetes. Previously we used the neo4j package. Then we used the py2neo package (which uses the neobolt driver) with a neo4j sidecar (resulting in a localhost address). But now we connect...

Bolt logging and metrics - troubleshooting

I am trying to troubleshoot Bolt connections. Is there anything I need to know about logging configuration other than the usual logback config ? Also, are there any metrics available in the release I am using, like number of connections/idle/used ? T...

Resolve with an array return duplicates

apollo-server-lambda & neo4j-driver I'm doing a query where I find out the users that someone is following. The console.log of 'collectedNames' in the backend shows the array of 4 users that they are following and all the correct properties. Somehow ...