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About the Drivers & Stacks category

All applications using Neo4j depend on drivers to execute statements to update or query data. Neo4j drivers are mostly built on the binary Bolt protocol. Official drivers exist for Java, JavaScript, .Net, Python, and Go and more. Other languages (R, ...

yolande by Community Team
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Specify database name to use

Hello, I want to know how can we specify the database name in the configuration, as like : pring: data: neo4j: uri: username: password: Thank you

madiskou by Graph Buddy
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Named query containing the internal ID

I was trying to query my node Person by its internal ID and the code of its City like this: Optional<Person> findByIdAndCityCode(Long id, String cityCode); but the generated query behind this tries to access the ID as a property, like this: MATCH (n:...

arusev by Node Link
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Resolved! Fastest way to read in a DirectoryTree?

I am reading in a directory tree from the disk. While I traverse the directories I am directly streaming them via IEnumerable to my asynchronous database methods. Since they are asynchronous I can't rely on the correct order (parent before child dire...

Resolved! Availability of GraphQL for Neo4j community edition 4.1.1

Hi, I am new to Neo4j and installed the latest community edition server 4.1.1. I was looking to enable the graphql endpoint for this version. However, when I go over to the graphql releases page on github, the last available version is for 3.5.15. Wi...

Error when querying interface

Hi! I am getting this error when prop3 is queried. Either the Entity type should provide a \"resolveType\" function or each possible type should provide an \"isTypeOf\" function." This is what my schema looks like (sample): interface A { … } interf...

Help: Pass Python parameter into Cypher statement syntax

So I have a working Cypher query within python which can query my Neo4j database and return a result when a property key value is hardcoded. It looks like this: piq = """MATCH (p:Person {bid: '123456789'}), blah blah blah """ with driver.session() as...

GraphQL query returning list of objects

Hello, In the schema.graphql file, I'd like to define a type Query that returns a String with a list of Objects. Let's say I have a query defined as below, how should I set the return type [String, listofConnections ] ? type Query { myQuery(id: Int)...

Neo4j parallel connection using py2neo

Hi, I am connecting to NEO4J servers using py2neo by spawning parallel threads from my python client. Approach 1 : Creating 1 connection per each thread. Works fine but it creates multiple parallel connection to server thereby increasing the total n...

modsub by Node
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Python neo4j driver write transaction

Hi All, In our application we execute many create nodes and relationships queries(we are working with Neo4j v4 cluster, with 3 core servers). So we created a transaction for our session and we are using the run function for each create query like thi...

dan3 by Node Link
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Spring Data Neo4j RX @RelationshipProperties List problem

So my current model of Person contains @Relationship(type = PROVIDES_SUPPORT, direction = INCOMING) private Map<Person, List<SupportRelationship>> supporters = new HashMap<>(); Those are the people that "support" the current Person (let's say Ange...

arusev by Node Link
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