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About the Drivers & Stacks category

All applications using Neo4j depend on drivers to execute statements to update or query data. Neo4j drivers are mostly built on the binary Bolt protocol. Official drivers exist for Java, JavaScript, .Net, Python, and Go and more. Other languages (R, ...

yolande by Community Team
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Resolved! Create new node, relationship and instantiate properties

Hi I'm quite new to GRANDstack but so far it's been quite enjoyable. As of right now I am trying to create a new node in my database with a relation and fill out its properties. Right now I am attempting to construct a Definition from my front end. I...

ccn by Node Link
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What's a good way to display online users?

Apollo server can be setup with subscriptions from 'subscriptions-transport-ws'React offers the useSubscription hookApollo client offers the WebSocket LinkNeo4j 4.X offers reactive sessionsGoogle pubsub can be used to handle subscriptions in a multi-...

Resolved! Query working in Neo4j Browser but not in Python Driver

Hi everyone, I am working on a recommender system. I am trying first some basic queries. I am stuck with the following query that works on the Neo4j Browser but it does not in Python: "MATCH (client:Client{id:$client_id})-[:SELLS]-(product:Product{id...

samsitta by Node Link
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Creating nodes from json without apoc using python

Hi, I have a python script which generates list of json like following: [{'Identifier': 'XYZ', 'Description': '', 'Type': 'ABC', 'SubType': '', 'Date': '', 'Mnemonic': '', 'Notes': ''}] I want to write a cypher query to create a node using this json ...

Simple bolt driver

Hi. I've passion for PHP and I fall in love with Neo4j. I was looking for opportunity to use it for many years. It was worth it. But at first moment I was little disappointed about GraphAware PHP driver. It's huge and I like things simple. After shor...

Python neo4j

Hi, I am running this code and the first parameter is getting passed but the number in the reursive depth $n gives the error: CypherSyntaxError: {code: Neo.ClientError.Statement.SyntaxError} {message: Parameter maps cannot be used in MATCH patterns (...

Python connect to neo4j

This may be simple answer that I cannot find because most questions are too complicated on the topic. Simply can I connect to neo4j Desktop local version "WITHOUT clicking Start" on the database in Neo4j Desktop 1.3.8? Version of neo4j for Python is...

Resolved! Waiting on query results in javascript

I'm a rather novice javascript programmer, but I am trying to populate a drop-down select object with the results of a neo4j query. The issue I am having is that I put my neo4j query code into a function, but I can't seem to get my calling function t...

Resolved! Unique index for a child node

I have this relationship Node1 ---- HAS ----> Node2 I want to make sure that the "name" property in Node2 is unique within it's parent node - Node1. Is it possible to enforce that using Neo4J-OGM? Or do I have to make a separate get call before calli...