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All applications using Neo4j depend on drivers to execute statements to update or query data. Neo4j drivers are mostly built on the binary Bolt protocol. Official drivers exist for Java, JavaScript, .Net, Python, and Go and more. Other languages (R, ...

yolande by Community Team
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Good tutorials on py2neo?

I'm getting back into neo4j and the py2neo ORM seems the nicest way to work with the data, and the drivers had a lot of updates since pandemic started. But the docs are still sorely lacking. I was wondering if others can share links or code snippets ...

DC1 by Node Link
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Pageable Projections Neo4jRepository

Hello, I am trying to get Projections to work, as I want to load only some data from neo4j and not all nested relationships and nodes. I got everything to work so far except "Pages". Consider following example: Entity: @Node(primaryLabel = "Entity") ...

mklopp by Node
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How to affect the pop up in neovis.js

Dear friends, I´m a newbie developing web-app and I´m looking for a way to affect or change a neovis.js pop-up changing it´s format and customize it with an image, hide some fields and style it. Can anybody help me?

SpringBoot Projection/@QueryResult not working

Hi, I'm new to Neo4j! I'm currently working on a simple REST API but I cannot seem to figure out how to return both nodes and relations in a single endpoint. My design is super simple. I have a bunch of different resource nodes [CLIENT, SERVER, DB] (...

rafitj by Node
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Specify database in py2neo with Neo 4.0

When using the newest version of py2neo with Neo 4.0.2 is there any way to specify that you want to connect to the non-default database? e.g. I only have one Neo server and I want to have a 'dev' and a 'prod' graph on the same machine. If this isn't ...

dave2 by Node
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Reactive driver use

Hi, I would like to use the Neo4j Reactive driver with RxJava2 in a standard java program. First question : is it relevant to use it in this case or should I use the "blocking style" session instead ? If relevant, I see in the javadoc of RxSession#re...

Python neo4j Driver update 1.7 to 4.x

I was operating with Python 3.5 and the following: neo4j==1.7.4 neobolt==1.7.13 neotime==1.7.4 I switched to neo4j driver 4.2 and noticed some breaking changes that I can't find documentation on. Previously running... ... w...

Resolved! How to get driver result summary statement

I am new to the community so this is my first post, hopefully the answer is quite simple and I am just not great at reading java docs! I am using the java driver to execute a series of write-only transactions and I would like to try and receive the u...

Relationships not returned in query

**I posted this in the wrong category at first, my apologies, cross post: How to get connected in Java ** I'm trying to model the electricity net, the data is structured in this way: ElektraNodes (Label) (has objectId): Transformer (Label)Station (...