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Automatic creation of REST-API endpoints based on GraphQL endpoint and introspection


Hi guys,

I have the setting of a neo4j database and on top of that a GraphQL endpoint based on a schema and the Neo4j GraphQL library (3.x).

I would like to have also REST-endpoints for some programmers convenience to CRUD the data. As I'm spoiled with the ease and automatic how the neo4j GraphQL library does that, I wonder if some of you have hints for me.

My approach ist to use GraphQL introspection to retrieve the types from the GraphQL endpoint analyse it and then create endpoints based on the result. By this a change of the schema will automatically change the GraphQL endpoint and by eventually automatically (!) the REST endpoint.
I create this mechansim by hand as it is worthwhile by creating automation.

Do you have suggestions? Maybe the Javascript sofa API can help? Does anyone use it?

Thanks for your feedback!

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