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Asking for help on the storage engine of Neo4j


There is no doubt that Neo4j is a well-deserved mainstream graph database!
I am a  beginner. For experimental purposes, I need to modify Neo4j's storage engine and reimplement the underlying data structures like nodes, relationships and graphs in another way. Could you please tell me which parts of the Neo4j's source code should I modify? And, are there any references on Neo4j source code analysis?
Thank You!


That's a pretty big goal even for a pro, for a beginner it's unlikely to be successful, if you really want to look into it, the code should be here:

there is also an api in the sibling module.

Thank you!

I'm looking for an open source graph database and want to modify its storage engine for experimental needs.

Except for Neo4j, do you know of any lightweight & easy-to-modify graph database prototypes?

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