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Unable to order T-shirt

I have just passed the Neo4j Certification Exam. But I am unable to order my t-shirt. At first, I got an error message stating that the service is unavailable and then it is showing that we are unable to verify you. How can I get my T-shirt?

neo4j spatial

Hi, How can we download neo4j spatial of beta version or how can I integrate it to Neo4j desktop or how can I get its exe file? Please reply ASAP Thanks  Rohit

Early Access to an Aura Free Instance

Hello team, My name is John Kennedy, I am the product lead for Aura Self-Service. As we look to finalise our testing of a durably Free experience in Neo4j Aura ( ) I would like to extend to this group an invite to be able to ...

Invited Lecture at UCL (London, February 2021)

Hi! My name is Antonis Bikakis and I am an associate professor at the Department of Information Studies of UCL. This term, I am teaching a postgraduate course on Graph Databases and Semantic Technologies: UCL Module Catalogue ...

Replays and Slide Decks of the Sessions

When you post the replays of the Advanced Training Sessions, could you also please include the links to the respective slides of each webinar? Belatedly, I noticed that the Data Science session had five different pdf download links in the comments s...

Resolved! Next Step and Contributing for my local community

Hi ! After the certification there is any other program or activity we could do to further connect and contribut to initiatives concerning neo4j ? Here in Brazil we do not have a lot of online conferences and initiatives, that i am aware, for neo4j i...

Resolved! I didn't get certified neo4j developer badge

Hello, I had written the certification exam, and qualified and also received my certificate. But i didn't get the 'certified developer' badge in my badges. Do I need to do any thing to get that? How could i get that?

Access to Hands-On Advanced Training Sessions

We're hosting 7 virtual advanced training sessions, for all our Neo4j Certified Professionals, at no cost over the course of this year. If you cannot attend the live session, the sessions are recorded and made available for you to view at your leisur...

Who is attending GraphConnect2020?

Hello Everyone, I will be attending GraphConnect2020 happening in New York this year. I am flying from Belgium. I just wanted to ask if anyone here is also joining from GraphConnect2020. Looking forward to know more about Neo4j and meet interesting p...

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