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Who is attending GraphConnect2020?

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Hello Everyone,

I will be attending GraphConnect2020 happening in New York this year. I am flying from Belgium. I just wanted to ask if anyone here is also joining from GraphConnect2020.

Looking forward to know more about Neo4j and meet interesting people

so excite


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I will be there ;-). Flying from Amsterdam

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great! hope to see you there

Flying from Berlin and speaking this year too :-).
Looking forward to meet everyone!

great! looking forward for your talk 🙂


I'll be there too! This is my first time to NYC, what are people doing for travel to & from the airport? Taxi, metro, Uber? How much time when I depart should I plan to take to get from Manhattan to JFK and through security?

Any travel tips people may have would be welcome.

Regarding transportation from airport, seems like that they have good transportation, so first I will check for the public transport. In worst case I will take Uber.
This is my first time too in NYC. I am staying few days extra after the conference for tourism.

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Hi @suryagupta08 I am final year student from IIT(ISM) Dhanabad.I want to present my thesis on Graph Database in GraphConnect2020 and deeply interested to attain this event. Is there any financial aid for student ?

Hi @deepakworld258566

I don't think there is any scholarship offered by GraphConnect 2020.
May be @neo4j_devrel can provide you more information regarding same.


Graph Steward

I will be there giving a lightening talk.

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