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Early Access to an Aura Free Instance


Hello team,

My name is John Kennedy, I am the product lead for Aura Self-Service.

As we look to finalise our testing of a durably Free experience in Neo4j Aura ( ) I would like to extend to this group an invite to be able to create a Free Instance in Aura.

Should you be interested, please just fill in this form and we will enable you in the coming hours and days.

  • You will have needed to have logged into Neo4j Aura once to allow me to enable this for you at this time.
  • You will get the ability to create 1 Free instance at any one time in Aura.
  • As long as you continue to use this instance it will remain available and Free for your continued usage.
  • This is an early access, we will look to change the behaviour and capabilities of these instances in an on-going manner in the coming weeks. Set your expectations accordingly.
  • In signing up, I personally will assume you are happy to speak to me about your experience and I'll be relying on your feedback to finalise the development prior to general availability.
  • At the moment access will be limited to those certified, and specifically those in this group in the community. A check on this will be part of the activation process to get a Free Instance.

If you want to let your non certified friends and colleagues know about the wider release, please point them to the public waiting list here :

Thanks in advance, I look forward to hearing your feedback, which you can send to me at and adding FREE in the subject somewhere to allow me to filter for it.


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