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Community Team
Community Team

Build on from the knowledge gained in the Cypher Fundamentals course with more complex patterns and the more advanced features of Cypher.

In this course we will take a deeper look into more advanced uses of Cypher for querying. This course uses the Recommendations dataset which contains Person, Movie, Genre, and User nodes.


To take this course we recommend that you have taken these beginner courses in GraphAcademy:

What you will learn

  • Filtering queries

  • Controlling results returned

  • Working with Cypher data

  • Graph traversal

  • Pipelining queries

  • Subqueries

  • Using parameters

Node Link

Hi Yolande,
I am not sure if you are the right person to ask for help, but I got here through the community support link.
I am in the middle of the Ordering Results Challenge and I created this Cypher statement to solve this part of the challenge:
MATCH (m:Movie)
WHERE m.imdbRating IS NOT NULL
RETURN m.title, m.imdbRating
ORDER BY m.imdbRating DESC
As a result, I got the list of 1000 movies and their ratings, which makes me believe that "1000" is the right answer.
However, I continue to get a statement that I have failed. I GUESS that it is about the interface flaw since it didn't accept my first Cypher command (It was the same as the one I got in the SOLUTION section)
Thanks in advance

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