I was using the community forum today for the first time and have some feedback

  • There are way to many forums, it was hard to choose the right one, hope I got it?
  • When sending my contribution (a problem report with a Neo4j based tool), I took the time to make some screen shots. When pressing the Create Topic button I was told that I am only allowed to upload two images (as new user). It would be great if the forum software would give that hint earlier.
  • I would like to see other users of the forum and mention them directly in my post - to make them aware of the discussion and get them involved
  • I understand the forum is meant also as a replacement for Slack, right? Then I would like to be able to do a (private) chat with a person or a group of persons. Always creating topics if you only have simple questions seems be overkill to me.
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This is really helpful. We are working on a new UI to help navigate through categories. The underlying software is Discourse, so much of their features is automated, but I am going to look on the two image limit. You can mention other users in the post by using the @ symbol and then beginning to type their user name. You can also write a direct private message to a user if you would like. The reason why we like the forum is because it offers us the ability to have threaded posts and allows other users to benefit from your questions. In slack, we found many people were asking the same questions over and over, so we were hoping a support forum would be more helpful.
I'd love to know your thoughts once we launch the new UI. We will be continuously looking for ways to improve.