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Head's Up! Site migration is underway. Phase 2: migrate recent content

Community Team
Community Team

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we have moved to a new community platform!  Welcome.jpg

The Neo4j community has been growing so fast that we needed a better infrastructure to keep up. We are delighted to introduce you to the brand new community team whose goal is to help all of you, our graph fans. This team is in cahoots with the DevRel team to bring you the best online experience. Enabling you to thrive in your projects remains our prime focus, but we are also bringing more attention to the Ninja program of champions and resources like GraphAcademy to get newcomers started on graphs.

As a first step, the new platform focuses on improving the discussion format. And the more powerful, flexible and future-proofed platform will let us easily build out new features.  As part of the move, we migrated your entire history, points, accomplishments and the threads you have contributed to.  

A lot is staying the same, but we are excited to present these new capabilities: 

  • Subscribe to the topics that you care the most about
  • Share ideas and upvote your favorites.
  • Our champions, the Ninjas, are now easier to find on a dedicated program page 
  • Enjoy new badges and more ways to rank up 

Talking about games and fun, you are invited to a community scavenger hunt to explore the new community platform and, of course, earn badges!  

We hope this new platform will lead us along the path of supporting a community of communities, encouraging your passion for learning, finding innovative solutions, and collaborating with peers.

It’s just the beginning. Enjoy the fun and please send us feedback so that we can continue to improve!

1 Comment

The new look is very nice. I am still getting used to the navigation; I am not finding things as quickly, but I am sure that will improve with more use.

Thanks for the upgrade and your efforts in making it happen.