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Community Team
Community Team

Graphs are everywhere and data scientists are using graph technology to model the world as they explore complex datasets. Here, Ali Emre Varol unleashes the knowledge graph on a dataset representing the European gas distribution network. He performs exploratory data analysis with GDS 2.0 built-in algorithms to determine the most critical nodes, communities, and shortest paths. Cypher code samples and links to original sources are featured throughout.

  • Featured Community Member: Koji Annoura
  • Journeys In Java, Level 4: Building An Empire Of Microservices
  • Knowledge Graph: Explore The European Gas Network Via Neo4j
  • Neo4j Live: The Fifa22 Graph
  • Video: 8 Tips And Experiences On Neo4j With Java
  • Neo4j Devtools: its Finally Spring Here Release
  • Bloom Scene Actions: A Different Way To Interact With Your Graph
  • Tweet Of The Week: @piwai
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