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Community Team

This week we’re featuring a post by biomedical engineer Tom Nijhof, who explains how his performance issues were solved by using Cypher query parameters. This allows for the query plan to be cached and reused. An important step along the way was to batch the writes using Cypher’s Unwind feature in order to expand a list, replacing the Python for loop in his code.

The biggest graph technology event of the year, NODES 2022, is back November 16 and 17, 2022! We are honored to welcome as speakers: Ward Cunningham, the creator of Wiki; Ashleigh Faith, host of IsA DataThing YouTube channel; Rhys Evans from The Financial Times; and Kateryna Nesvit, Visiting Professor, Data Science at Marymount University. These are just four of this year’s 90+ speakers. Save your spot.

  • Featured Nodes Speaker: Kateryna Nesvit
  • Programming: Optimizing Cypher Query By Using Parameters
  • Knowledge Graph: Why Ikeas Knowledge Graph Has Three Layers
  • Video: Discover Neo4j Auradb Free With Michael And Alexander
  • Course: Introduction To Neo4j
  • Theory: Wardley Maps And Graph Databases
  • Tweet Of The Week: @tom_asel
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