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Head's Up! Site migration is underway. Phase 2: migrate recent content

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It is also available within Neo4j Desktop from version 1.2.4.

An appropriate APOC version was also released today

We would love your feedback, so please try it out and see how the new functionality works for you.
The current operations and cypher manuals cover the new functionality.

Release Date: 15 January 2020

We are proud to announce the general availability of our Neo4j Database – Neo4j Enterprise Edition 4.0. Neo4j 4.0 is the core technology of the Neo4j Graph Platform.

Important Information

This release is generally available and ready for production.


  • Multiple databases available at runtime in standalone and Causal Cluster installations
  • Internal metadata repository “system” database, available in standalone and in Causal Cluster
  • Schema-based security and Role Based Access Control
  • Role and user management capabilities
  • Cypher administration commands
  • Sharding and federated access to databases with Neo4j Fabric
  • Java, Javascript and .NET Reactive drivers with Server-to-Client flow control
  • Bolt protocol with keepalive signal
  • New index population algorithm for the native index provider
  • Transaction log folders to easily distribute I/O workload on multiple devices
  • Memory constrain control for transactions
  • A new neo4j:// scheme including bolt and routing protocol, available in all editions and installations
  • A new, experimental version of Spring Data Neo4j based on reactive drivers (SDN/RX).

The documentation is available here.

Available Packages

Available Linux Repositories

Upgrading to Neo4j EE 4.0

In order to migrate from Neo4j 3.5 to Neo4j 4.0, follow the migration guide available here.

Please ask questions in the appropriate channels as posts here will send emails to everyone.


Sorry the Docker image had some issues and we're currently waiting for the Docker folks to put the 4.0 image back.

Graph Fellow

Brilliant news Michael, have been eagerly waiting for 4, finally I can play with the multi-database support 🙂


Actually you can use the docker image, even if it's not listed on docker hub:

docker pull neo4j:4.0

docker pull neo4j:4.0-enterprise

see the manual:

Graph Fellow

Could it be that the Desktop version has issues as well?

Did a download and install of v1.2.4 over my existing 1.2.3 and have various issues getting the upgrades to work from 3.5.x to the new 4.0

Issues include that "open browser" always gives an empty view while a browser connected to localhost:7474 shows data.

Other issues are related to authentication / password.

Graph Fellow

Just to make sure it is not related to my existing migrated data I just created a new Project (Desktop 1.2.4 on Mac) and added a single graph. Hit start and open browser.

:dbs gives "No multi db support detected"

Seems connection related as trying to create a node results in:

Connection to the same db via http://localhost:7474/ works as expected


Getting the same issue as paulj