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Community Corner

Create arcs between nodes with same label

Hi, I have the following problem. I developed a code on Spark/Python for k-medoids. Now I've managed to load the medoids that come from python directly into neo4j, meaning that spark communicates with neo4j. I also uploaded the data from a csv to neo...

Andrexx by Visitor
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Migration back to Discourse

Hello friends! So... about a half year ago we switched the platform used here on from Discourse to a vendor called Khoros. We were hopeful about Khoros as a platform that we could build upon to make a great website for the communi...

Persist REST API response data in database

Hi, excited to join and hoping you guys can help make my first step. I would like to find out if it were possible with NEO4J to persist REST API response data in database? So I want to import data into my database (from REST API) to then query that. ...

Help with query optimisation

Hello! I have this relatively simple query, and it takes about 1+ second to run. I was wondering if I can make it a bit faster but I don't know where to optimize exactly. Any ideas? match (u:User {app_id: $app_id, external_id: $id})-[:PURCHASED|:ADDE...

Interactive Knowledge Graph Editor

The goal is to let knowledge medical domain experts create and maintain graphs in a very easy visual way.See the requirements at .Similar to but wi...

etienne by Node Link
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Getting an error while executing the code

I am new to neo4j and knowledgegraph. need help with the below issue. def who_be_present(I_AM,I_WANT_TO_MEET):print(f"I'm {I_AM}")print(f"I want to meet {I_WANT_TO_MEET}")request="""MATCH (cs:Person { name:$pfrom }),(ms:Person { name:$pto }), p = sho...

Neosemantics support to RDF Named Graphs

Hello, I’m evaluating Neosemantics according with my project’s requirements. One of the major requirements is support to “RDF Named Graphs (N-Quads)”: An RDF database can store collections of RDF statements (triples) in separate graphs identified (na...

Failed to config cluster neo4j v5

Hello,I am trying to install neo4j clusters with 3 nodes following the link . Once I add the,

Resolved! Cypher to group data

Hello Everyone, I really need your help with a cypher code. I am working on a project and I a have the schema below. I want for every element in the "Network_Name" column and for each  Datetime (distinct selection according to the Network_Name and D...

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