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Community Corner

Community Corner

Resolved! max property value within a list of nodes

Hi All! I'm attempting to identify a way to create a relationship between two nodes, based on the value of one of their properties.  If I was to psuedo-code talk it out, it might be something like this: match the node (n:asset) with a transaction id ...

Resolved! Case Insensitive

Hello: Currently, I am working Graph data model and soon going to ETL data from Snowflake. I want to make my Neo4j Graph Database properties case insensitive so that I can query MATCH without worrying about case sensitivity.Any help setting up or con...

Show DBMS current status

Is there any way to get the current online/offline status of a DBMS? Similar to how the cypher query "show databases" can get the current status of databases in a DBMS. It doesn't have to be through cypher. I just cant find a way to get the current s...

Community Site Release Notes

Hello Graphistas, Graphiratis, and Grapheros, This site has been updated today in celebration of the upcoming Nodes 2022 free virtual event in November. Changes include: [new] search bar moved up into the top header area[new] fron...

4.4.5 not finding import folder

Upgraded to 4.4.5 this morning on Windows 11. Now 8 saved "favorite" scripts cannot find the corresponding files. Graph database opened fine and queries running ok. Database schema looks ok.  Found an import folder and confirmed the .csv files  are i...

apoc.periodic.iterate with

Hi there,              I am using this query to export particular Node data to csv using apoc.periodic.iterate. But getting error. Please look at the query and do suggest. MATCH (nod:${node}) WITH collect(distinct nod) as a CALL apoc.periodic.iterat...

Prashanth - Toronto, Canada

I'm a developer based in Toronto, Canada - I consider myself a beginner with Neo4j and Cypher right now, but am hoping to advance my knowledge to an intermediate level by learning from the community. I'd love to contribute back in any way I can too! ...

prrao by Node
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