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Neo4j Code Golf – A Cypher Coding Contest

Community Team
Community Team

Do you love coding effectively and optimizing code for performance?  The Cypher contest tests your ability to write queries that are shorter in length and lower on database hits while still returning the correct query results to win one of many prizes, totaling $27k.

Before entering the contest, you might need a Cypher refresher.  You can find test questions here every day over the summer to help you get into shape. 

Once you are ready, follow the steps to enter the coding contest 

1. Register on
2. Go to the platform
3. Write short Cypher queries on one of three levels.
You can only win only one level and each level has 6 winners.
The data is from StackOverflow

Hint: there is a suggestion at each level.

Nodes 2022
NODES 2022, Neo4j Online Education Summit - November 16 - 17, 2022.

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