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KAFKA Connect, $lastCheck field does nothing

Hello. I have the kafka connect source running with the following properties the query is: MATCH (n:Note) WHERE n.createdAt > $lastCheck RETURN id(n) as id, AS nid, n.createdAt AS createdAt This never publishes data to my topic. If I change the...

jonathan by Node Clone
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Unable to order T-shirt

I have just passed the Neo4j Certification Exam. But I am unable to order my t-shirt. At first, I got an error message stating that the service is unavailable and then it is showing that we are unable to verify you. How can I get my T-shirt?

neo4j spatial

Hi, How can we download neo4j spatial of beta version or how can I integrate it to Neo4j desktop or how can I get its exe file? Please reply ASAP Thanks  Rohit

Sandbox in Cypher Fundamentals online course

Hello, I am new to Neo4J. I am taking Cypher Fundamentals online training courses. The sandbox window that is part of the online training course browser to perform challenge exercises is not working. I am not sure how to activate it or connect to ...

"Not a valid Neo4j archive"

Hello I have setup two separate Neo4j servers, both of version 4.4.0. I am using neo4j-admin dump from one to create an archive to then use neo4j-admin load on the other to transfer specific databases between them. The tool fails with "Not a valid ne...

Filter list of objects by property

Hi I'm working on a query that basically groups results in two different lists that are joined before being returned. I'm having trouble finding the way to avoid adding elements from the list #2 if there's an element in list #1 with the same specific...

mrksph by Node Clone
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Spring Boot Neo4j Crud and Shortestpath Issue

I have a problem about implementing CRUD operations through neo4j query in Spring Boot. I also defined calculateDuration to shortestPath in terms of duration in Route How can I connect with it with City? How can I fix it ? Here is my link : I have an...

Resolved! Why is this relationship MERGE failing?

I have a short query that contains both a delete as well as a new relationship merge. When I separate them into individual queries, they run as expected. But when I combine them into the same query, the (exp)-[:EDITED_FROM]->(ee) relationship is n...

mark by Node
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Account maintenance for Twitter or LinkedIn authentication

Hi friends, Some of you may receive an email from me regarding "account maintenance". For any questions or concerns, please respond in email, direct-message me, ping me on Discord (username 'abk of neo4j'), or respond to this post for general discuss...

abk by Neo4j
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Merge duplicates

Hi, I have accidentally inserted several nodes that has the same properties when running a load job. E.g. Order (Value=10, Date 2022-01-01, Category: A) Order (Value=10, Date 2022-01-01, Category: A) Order (Value=11, Date 2022-01-01, Category: A) Ord...

What does ` mean?

I just started with the tutorial materials " Building Neo4j Applications with Python". There is a query in "Interacting with Neo4j" -> "The Homepage" that I found hard to understand. Where does "sort", "order" inside the format() go? What's is the pu...

Resolved! Given a node type ,get counts of distinct node type counts

I have a graph which employee node connects to two different node types (complaints and accidents) via two different relationships like (a:AccidentID)-[i:Involved_In]-(e:Employee)-[r:Received]-(c:ComplaintID) I want to get both accident count and com...

From Docker to Bare metal

Hello so i'm considering starting my neo4j database from a docker image as my application grows I may switch to another cloud provider or my own infrastructure. Is there any guide or advice for moving my data from the docker volume or is this not adv...

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