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Head's Up! Site migration is underway. Phase 2: migrate recent content


Hello graphiratis!

We're pleased to share that the Neo4j Community is about to change to a new platform designed to improve discussion, collaboration and learning.

Here's what's about to happen:

  • this site will be placed into read-only mode
  • all content and accounts will be migrated to the new platform
  • the new platform will become the new

A Community of Communities

The strength of this community is in each one of you. You are curious, capable, and compassionate, asking good questions and offering insightful advice. From conversation to collaboration, both personal and professional, sharing your experience and working towards mutual success. You are amazing at building relationships.

We want to support a community of communities. Pairs, groups, organizations. A better world, a better product, a better way. In the moment, again tomorrow. Common purpose, common interest. Practically with Neo4j, idealistically with graph thinking.

These forums have served us all well. We want to take the good parts and make them even better. Some of what's here doesn't fit well in a discussion format. For example projects, job listings, or events are super useful information that's a little awkward to access. We've observed, brainstormed, and debated.

After evaluating our options, including a long hard stare at the ever-tempting path of building from scratch, we've chosen a platform which will be excellent for discussion and enable us to build great new features.

Our first step is humble, simply migrating from this platform to the new one with minimal disruption. Please be patient through this period. Things may go wrong. When they do, please reach out directly to me as @abk of neo4j on Discord to let me know what's up. We've also set up a temporary #community-site channel there for feedback and problem reporting. If you're not on Discord, email me at, including [Neo4j Community] in the subject.

I will do my best to fix things expediently.

This thread itself should make it over in tact. I'll use this as a running report of progress. Stay tuned!

Questions, concerns? Let me know.



Cool, can't wait for it!


Transition Plan for May 24

  1. will go into read-only mode
  2. all content and user accounts will migrate to the new platform
  3. we will sanity check the new platform
  4. will go live on the new platform

ETA: 17:00 PT, May 24


Update - Rollback!

We're rolling back the migration, reverting changes made this morning.

I'll provide more information here after we revise our migration plan.


Thanks Andreas, can't wait to try it!

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