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Hi everyone , greetings from Israel.
My name is Joe and I'm a full stack engineer who tries to elevate Neo4j for creating a full stack application (interesting part is that the front end piece will be injected into a chrome extension)
I Have 2 questions which I haven't found an answer for , yet 🙂

  1. can I use the create-grandstack-app with a local neo4j desktop instance ?
    All the tutorials I have seen where only showing the Neo4j sandbox , which is obviously not what I want (as those sandboxes are getting deleted after 3 days)
  2. Im not sure I fully got the open-kind-of-source idea for this DB/platform .Assuming I want to use this in production, can I fully deploy it by myself on premise without the need to pay ? can I Avoid aws/neo4j aura self managers payment , or this is the point where you got sucked in into the tech and then obligated to keep paying for it ?

Thanks and sorry for my Noobness


Yes you can use grandstack with your local desktop instance.
Just provide bolt://localhost as connection URL, neo4j as username and your password in the grandstack starter questions or edit the .env file in the api folder.

Yes you can deploy yourself, you can run e.g. community edition server somewhere on the cloud or the docker container.



@michael.hunger thanks! I still haven't figured where can I download the neo4j admin cli so it will integrate with the desktop instance.

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