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Node Clone

Say you want to search for something like "safety program" but also want to account for "safety programmes" and stemming isn't an option as the indexed documents are in many different languages. The way to do this in Lucene would be with a SpanNearQuery with a slop of 0 and a wildcard at the the end of the 2nd term. When trying to do something like "safety program"* in the fulltext search however it seems very slow. Is this because it isn't supported in the Lucene version Neo4j is using or is the query wrong somehow?

Graph Steward

My guess is that there is no glue API in APOC to this.


returns nothing. call"Query") returns a lot of query related APOC calls but none for what you want.

I think you need to create an issue for APOC lucene to support this call:

if there is a lucense query syntax for the SpanNearQuery you should just be able to use that.

Neo4j 4.2 uses Lucene 8.2.0

Node Clone

Thank you Michael - do you happen to know the Lucene version 3.5 is on?

You can check yourself


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