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Hi everyone. I'm following Neo4j Datascience tutorial right now. However, I can't seem to connect Google Colab to Neo4j.

All I've done was start neo4j 3.4 sandbox. Copy and paste the credentials to Google Colab. Tried googling but I couldn't find any solution.

Also, if I may ask, why do I need this Sandbox? Is there any way by I can already connect my local neo4j desktop to Google Colab or connect my local neo4j desktop to local jupyter notebook?

Do help! Thank you in advance.

Attached are the possible error of concern.


You need the sandbox because google colab runs online (not in your browser) and it cannot access local services.

Graph Fellow

Hi @minhan.lmh, it looks like you copied the JavaScript bolt URL, which works only with the JavaScript Neo4j driver. Instead, you want the IP address and bolt port. See the image in the first Colab notebook for an example:

Hello @minhan.lmh ,

This problem that you ran into was an error in the course that has since been corrected as Will pointed out. Please try again and you should see that the instructions for connecting are now different.



Hi, I am having the same problem, but the solution provided doesn't work for me.

I used the following line:
graph = Graph("bolt://", auth=("neo4j", "equivalent-listing-parts"))

It results in this output:
ServiceUnavailable: Timed out trying to establish connection to ('', 33698)

Can someone please explain what I am doing wrong?

Can you try to disable encryption when connecting the driver?

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