Will Regexp Work With Text more then one word

H i there,

I have documents that i want to index and get some dynamic phrases back.
At first i tired indexing each word and link it to doc id Node, then i tried getting thous words using regex and it worked.

Now i want is to search phrases using regex on line data, but some how it is not working when there more then one word.

Need to confirm that can we use regex in querying paragraphs or lines.

Hello, welcome to the community! I'm sure you've already taken a look but just in case not here's a link to the docs that show some examples of using regex WHERE - Cypher Manual

That being said, you should be able to search the entire context of whatever you're returning from your search. In the above example they're returning a name. But if the returned String was a block of text, and your regex is correctly capturing the group you're after it should work the same way.