Will Neo4j sign a BAA for Aura?

We're a medical software company currently self-hosting. We'd love to switch to Aura to minimize the amount of energy we spend on ops, but we need to be HIPAA compliant. Will Neo4j sign a Business Associate Agreement? If so, are there any additional fees associated with this?

Colin -

Thanks for asking about Aura. Whereas we'd love to be able to serve you with Neo4j Aura, Neo4j Aura is not yet HIPAA-compliant. As a result, we can't sign a BAA because we don't have the compliance infrastructure in-place to ensure the HIPAA-compliance chain of trust of PHI. The technical infrastructure is in place for the security and privacy of data, but the compliance is not yet there. Unfortunately, I don't have a timeline for compliance, but you are not the first to ask.