Where should I initialize a driver instance in NodeJS

A basic question for anyone who uses Neo4J + NodeJS. I want to initialize my neo4j driver instance such that I use it for every session throughout my server. Currently I create a new driver instance (re-authenticate) and then make a new session everytime I want to make a call to Neo4J.

(1) Sanity check: should I even be worrying about this? Does this slow the application down?
(2) If this is not best practice (which I'm guessing it isn't), where should I put the below code (where I create a driver instance and function that makes a new session given a query) given my file structure?

Current file structure:
Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 5.37.45 PM

In the neo4j.ts file, I have the following code:

import neo4j, { Record } from 'neo4j-driver';
import { NEO4J_HOST, NEO4J_PASSWORD, NEO4J_PORT, NEO4J_PROTOCOL, NEO4J_USERNAME } from '../constants/secrets';

const driver = neo4j.driver(
  neo4j.auth.basic(`${NEO4J_USERNAME}`, `${NEO4J_PASSWORD}`),

const dbQuery = async (query: string, queryData: object = {}): Promise<Record[] | null> => {
  const session = driver.session();
  try {
    const result = await session.run(query, queryData);
    return result.records;
  } catch (error) {
    return null;
  } finally {

export default dbQuery;

I import dbQuery from this file, neo4j.ts into different subfolders under routes. Where should I put this code?