Video Walk-Through on Upgrading from Neo4j 3.5.x to Neo4j 4.0

Hi David,
Thank again for the video! I posted in another thread (Migrate data from 3.5.1 Community to 4.0.0 Community - #14 by oleg_neo4j1), but this video is the only place I've seen that mentions that periods aren't allowed as part of a valid database name in neo4j. Having periods broke my upgrade from 3.5 to 4.0 a couple times until I saw this video. Would it be possible to update a couple pages in the Operations Manual about what a valid name may be, these in particular?

Thanks again!

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I will ask our docs team. There is a separate page that describes what valid characters are a part of database names, so it is documented, but a few people have shared that the information might not be in the right place. We'll see what we can do.