Video Interviews: Feature your Neo4j project on our blog & YouTube Channel (9 May 2019)

On May 9th, the Neo4j team will be recording customer and community (video) interviews at GraphTour San Franciso ( that will be featured on the Neo4j Blog and YouTube channel.

If you're interested in sharing about your project, app or startup that uses Neo4j, please email and we can coordinate an interview time and share more details.

We want to show off all of the amazing work that the Neo4j community does, so please don't hesitate to contact us and set up a recording.

Here's a past example of a customer interview:
Or the full listing of all interviews:

(Not in the Bay Area? We're also recording video interviews in Washington DC on May 7th!)

Thanks, Bryce!

PS. for anyone reading this later, we're always looking for people to share their stories, so even if you missed this - please ping me and Bryce! :blush: