User Group in Dallas, TX?

(DallasNightOwl) #1

...I'm not JR, nor do I know who shot him.
However, I would be interested in starting/getting involved with a Neo4j User Group in the DFW area.

(Ryanwagen) #2

I can't say that my group will be dedicated to Neo4j, but I would like you to come out to the March 14th Dallas BI presentation on that topic.

I'm hoping to spark a lot of interest in this subject, and I think this would be a good way to get enough interested people together to see what you can start. At the very least, there will be free pizza. :smile:

(DallasNightOwl) #3

Thanks Ryan,

I get y'alls Meet Up emails and look forward to the March 14th meeting. I think there are several opportunities and use cases where a graph db my fit my client. So much to learn and so little time.