Sebastian Müller - CTO of yWorks - the diagramming company

Hi there, I am Sebastian. I've been into graphs and graph algorithms for more than two decades, now. I studied CS at the university of Tuebingen where I first got introduced to graph theory and graph algorithms. This is also the place where I learned about a graph visualization library programming project at the CS institute, which was called "yFiles" at that time.

In the early 2000s a company was created that commercially supported that project and I became the first employee of my boss at that time. I quickly became the lead architect of that software and from the initial Java-only product I derived versions for .net and the web.

In 2012 I became CTO of that company with a team of almost two dozen devs at that time. Today, we provide the most extensive, most powerful, and most complete diagramming programming solution available.

A few years ago of course we also got introduced to neo4j. Because most project managers often realize quickly that now that they have their data in a graph-database it would be awesome to also visualize that data, using a library is a perfect fit for those who want to create sophisticated graph and diagram visualizations that work with the data in their data bases.

We help people create awesome new web and desktop applications that can connect to their databases, visualize their contents, allow them to optionally modify or populate the data in their databases in an intuitive, interactive manner. With the help of our yFiles libraries, devs can realize even the most complex requirements to create engaging, visually stunning, intuitive user interfaces for their end-users.

If you want to know more about our libraries and the way it can be integrated with neo4j, visit our website and if you're a web developer be sure to check out this blog article about integrating neo4j with yFiles for HTML.

Happy diagramming!

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Welcome to the forum Sebastian (and impressive stuff if I may say so) !