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GraphConnect early bird registration expires after this Saturday. Register today to get $100 off.

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Times Square, New York City, Sept 20-22nd

Why go to GraphConnect?
Learn from the experts and connect with others in the global graphgista community.

First day
We’ll kick off with a keynote by CEO Emil Eifrem. We’ll then have 50+ sessions delivered by technical and business leaders from Neo4j, customers and the community. These sessions cover a variety of technologies, industries and use cases.

Most importantly, we’ll have a DevZone with the Graph Clinic (for Neo4j help with your queries and models), discussions with Bloom team (to learn more about graph discovery and visualization), and discussions AI/ML/Algos team.

Second day (optional)
We have a dozen 4-hour training workshops on GraphQL, Algorithms, Visualization and more. We also have a 8-hour training on Natural Language processing and understanding. These workshops are often led by the engineers who created the underlying technologies so it’s your once-a-year chance to learn from them directly.

Third day (optional)
We have a full day hackathon (BuzzWord Bingo) at Stack Overflow headquarters, sponsored by a number of groups in the NYC tech community.

Register before Saturday