Return statement within apollo-server-lambda

I'm hosting a neo4j database on an AWS EC2 instance. The following is an example of a resolver that I was making for finding the city that a logged in user is an expert in. I'm sure this is the ultimate newbie question, but I wasn't able to frame it well enough to find any answers. I want to know how to structure the return statement in my resolver to be able to get back the name of the city that the user is expert in.


  ListUserExpertCity(cognitoId: $cognitoId) {

API Lambda Query resolver

Query: {
      ListUserExpertCity:(root, args, context) => {
      let session = driver.session();
      let params = {cognitoId: args.cognitoId};
      let query = `
                MATCH (user:User { cognitoId: $cognitoId })
                MATCH (city:City)
                MATCH (user)-[r:EXPERT_IN]->(city)
                RETURN city

      return, params)
          result => {
            return => {
              console.log('record inside ListUserExpertCity',record,'record.get ',record.get("city"),'record.get with properties',record.get("city").properties)
              return record.get("city")


I am getting the proper result in my CloudWatch logs (output of console.logs shown below), but on the frontend I am getting a null response in the following form.

 ListUserExpertCity: {name: null, __typename: "City"}  

I had a similar issue with a mutation that I was running, where it is properly running the mutation, but I haven't figured out the return statement.

2019-05-14T20:16:33.384Z 968e00fa-5cce-4867-b440-0cfdc6a7d911 record inside ListUserExpertCity Record {
keys: [ 'city' ],
length: 1,
[ Node { identity: [Object], labels: [Array], properties: [Object] } ],
_fieldLookup: { city: 0 } } record.get Node {
identity: Integer { low: 222, high: 0 },
labels: [ 'City' ],

properties: { name: 'Seattle, WA' } }

record.get with properties { name: 'Seattle, WA' }