Return data of 3 nodes where 1st is releted to 2nd and 2nd has same relation to 3th etc

Hello, so i am trying to return a data of 3 organisations where the 1st owns 2nd organization, which owns 3th organization. Of course, it could return f.e 4 organisations, 5 etc.. but firstly I am sticking to 3th.
Both my approaches don't work.
Firstly i tried to do it like that:
MATCH(n:Organization)-[:OWNS]->(n1:Organization)-[:OWNS]->(n2:Organization) RETURN n, n1, n2
But it seems to return first org, second org and then skips all the orgs which where between n1 and n2 and pass the last one i guess. And also it would be bad if for example i would like to return 10 of this orgs.
trying with that:
MATCH(n:Organization)-[:OWNS*3]->(n1:Organization) RETURN n, n1
also seems bad.
Does anyone have an idea?

Hello @amf3tam1nkapvp and welcome to the Neo4j community :slight_smile:

Please avoid creating multiple topics for the same issue. I answered here.