Request to add Sydney group

(Elena) #1

It was discussed last night about adding as a location.

There is also potentially a small group in Canberra, Australia. We will hopefully be confident to create this as a location soon.


CC @brandon.richards

(Karin Wolok) #2

Hi Elena!
I created the group for you!
I am also going to add a badge for you as a local category moderator.

One thing I'd like to ask of you - I want to encourage more people to introduce themselves in the local categories. Would you be able to create a new topic/post in your local category and add the text below that I wrote up (below)? I also added an image that helps them see where they can 'track' their category. To add the image, you can use this link, just remove the space in the middle.
![communitytracking|350x95] (upload://8YUohE1jWqAiEm4exzkrqxHvgcp.png)

Let me know after you do it. I can pin it to the top so it will be at the top of all the content! :)


Welcome! Get started by introducing yourself in this thread!

If you want to get notified about topics in your area, set-up 'tracking' for this category. To set up tracking, look for the circle icon.