Recruiting for Bristol Meetup

(Mike Oaten) #1

Recruiting members now, planning to start events in 2019.

I'm a co-founder of Regulation Technologies Ltd, we're on the Neo4j start-up programme with our product which identifies fraud and mis-selling in UK financial services.

I first came across graphs with a previous start-up ( sold 18 months ago, we identified hidden risks in supply chains) and have been hooked ever since.

We maintain a neo DB of all past and live UK companies and company officers and may be able to open that up for community access at some point. Check periodically to see if we do...

And lastly, we are recruiting for a meetup group in Bristol. UK. Hoping to start events next year.

Just for the record, I am not tech founder - I do the other stuff

Looking forward to being involved.

(Chris Skardon) #2

Hey Mike,

That sounds great - I'm sure there's some other people I can get involved - I'm based in Cornwall, so I'll try to get there whenever I can!

All the best


(Mike Oaten) #3

Hi Chris, I'm in Somerset, so not a million miles away. We're hopeful to start events next year at some point.

(Chris Skardon) #4

Ace, I'll talk to the guys here and see who else I can get over, there's a couple of us in the South West :)