Rashmi Gupta- Student of Masters in Computer Science- Working on Artificial Intelligence

(Rashmigupta838) #1

Hi All,

I am a student of masters and I am working on a project of Artificial Intelligence and I am very keen to know about neo4j especially about using AI algorithms in neo4j

(Michael Hunger) #2

Welcome Rashmi,

we'd love to get your feedback on the things we're working on. What exactly are you looking at?
We're currently working on graph-algorithms, some statistical tools and some graph embedding procedures.
Please chat with @mark.needham about your interests.

(Rashmigupta838) #3

So, we are using Knowledge graphs and we want to enable features like Knowledge Discovery, Semantic Discovery and Consistency checks. What are the best graph algorithms that you think might be helpful to achieve the above tasks ? I can think of page rank, strongly connected and label propagation . How do you think we can add semantic knowledge to the graph and automatically store the information using the internet ?

(Michael Hunger) #4

You requirements are a bit vague, perhaps you can detail it a bit more in the #neo4j-graph-platform:graph-algorithms category? Then @jesus.barrasa and @Christophe_Willemsen can respond there.

(Jesus Barrasa) #5

Hi Rashmi, this can be an interesting read if you care about ontology driven consistency checks