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Hello all,

I am Abhishek Kulkarni, a technical team lead at a startup called Unotech Software based out of Mumbai. This is our first venture into using Neo4j as an integral part of our Identity and Access Management Solution (one of our mission critical application suites).

Looking forward to engaging with other Neo4j enthusiasts and developers in the Bengaluru location and India region in general.

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Hi all,

I am Abhishek, a software consultant at Adapt Ready Inc.

I am trying to figure out if neo4j and its spatial plugin can eliminate the need of PostGIS for me.
I am particularly interested in point within a polygon, and a polygon within a polygon use cases.

Also, looking forward to neo4j meetups in Bangalore.

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Hi Abhishek, Let me know if you need help. I have implemented similar for SAP.

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Hi Abhishek, in respect to spatial, i use much of MongoDB as we have used it for some many projects with OpenStreet.
But let me know how it goes with Neo4j.