Neo4j loading CSV with missing cells

Can someone please provide me cypher query for the above cell. It's a representation of the data I have. Here questions are nodes and Answers are properties and recommendation is also a node. The problem I am facing is, there could be possibilities of Question2 or 3 missing along with it's answer. Like question 2 and 3 are follow up of previous question, like question 3 is based on the response to the Question 2. When I load it, there are so many missing Nan, so I had to use "COALESCE" to read the line, but the nodes are breaking, like question1 should be connected to question 2 and question 2 should be connected to question 3 and then the recommendations. If there are no question 2 or 3, question1 should be directly connected to recommendation.

Because there are multiple responses for a question, nodes are created with Question as "NA"(because i have used COALESCE).

Thanks in advance