Neo4j installed exe is showing MD4 virus in Avast

(WingRider) #1

Ive installed the latest Neo desktop installer (neo4j-desktop-offline-1.1.13-setup.exe) and every time I install and try to run it, avast quarantines the file saying its infected with an MD4 virus.

Has anyone else seen or had this problem on Windows 10?

(Jalevi1) #2

I get an alert for Win64:MdeClass in Avast also with version 1.1.13, and of course am not taking a risk until I understand more. There is no clear consensus on this infection. I hope the developers can relate to this.

(Iamgoinghomenow) #3

Same problem here. Would be great if someone could comment. I am also to worried to be using it until this is cleared up.

(WingRider) #4

I submitted to the Avast Labs as a false positive. They contacted me to say this has been analysed and cleared. If you update avast to the latest virus database you should be fine. I also whitelisted the install folder.

Everything should be okay now.

Happy to try to help if not.

(Mail2michaelennis) #5

I have the same problem and updating avast to the latest virus db and adding the Neo4j folder to the exception didn't work.