Neo4j Community Edition on Kubernetes

(Maot) #1

Is it possible to deploy the free version of Neo4j on my IBM cloud Kubernetes cluster? Or can this only be done when using the enterprise edition?

Thanks for any help!

(Stefan Armbruster) #2

Sure you can do this. However you cannot run a cluster of neo4j instances since this is a enterprise only feature.

(Michael Hunger) #3

There are a lot of options of getting a free Neo4j Enterprise license, see:

(M. David Allen) #4

Yep, you can do this. Stefan & Michael are also both correct.

If you want a jumpstart on how to do this, check out the public helm chart here:

That chart is for multi-node clusters, not single node community. So to get what you'd want, you would:

  • Remove the read replica statefulset
  • Adjust the image on the core set to use the community image
  • Keep in mind that there's no point in scaling the stateful set, you should never have more than 1. If you scale up a statefulset of community pods, you end up with multiple independent databases, not a bigger single database.

(Maot) #5

How do I then connect to my single node?
I have read something about using port forwarding, but when I run the following command

kubectl port-forward neo4j-core-0 8474:7474 8687:7687

I get an error message: error forwarding ... Connection refused

(M. David Allen) #6

Looks like your port numbers there are incorrect

(Maot) #7

Oh oke, how can I get the correct port numbers then?

(M. David Allen) #8

Normally you would forward port 7474:7474 and port 7687:7687.

But please do indicate how you are trying to connect, what the error is, and what logs you see from kubectl forward, this gives us a better chance to see what's happening beyond connection refused.