Neo4j Browser changes not reflected when access DB via api


(Mail2michaelennis) #1

I am using neo4j 3.5 docker image on digital ocean. When I use the neo4j browser to make changes to the DB those changes are not reflected when the DB is queried by the application. I have restarted both the DB and the App to no avail. Can someone tell me why this is happening and how do you get them in sync.

(Andrew Bowman) #2

There should be nothing to sync. If there is a single Neo4j db, then that's what's used by the browser. Likewise with your application.

Seems to me there is a second Neo4j db involved, possibly one that your app creates (depending on the details here...we need more information to understand how your app is connecting to Neo4j).

(Michael Hunger) #3

How do you access your DB from the App?
Do you use the same bolt URL?

(Mail2michaelennis) #4

I am accessing the DB from the app using he following:
driver = neo4j.driver(config.neo4jURL,
neo4j.auth.basic(config.neo4jUSER, config.neo4jPASS));

where neo4jURL:
' bolt://',



From Browser connect URL is: bolt://

(Michael Hunger) #5

Do you see the changes in browser?

Are you 100% sure they use the same URL?

What happens if you run statements like match () return count(*) or call db.labels() from your app?