Neo4j backed by a blockchain for creating #trusteddatagraphs?

Has anyone considered how to integrate Neo4j with any of the general purpose blockchain platforms to provide a trusted data, validated data, certified data capability for data stored in Neo4j? ...i.e. the ability to retrieve a entity or collection of entities and then ask: which of these have been "signed" or "validated" or "certified" using an underlying blockchain/DLT platform? ...that is, leave the data in Neo4j but use a blockchain to validate the entity stored in Neo4j hasn't been changed or altered since it was created and signed/validated/certified? ...or something like that. :slight_smile:

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Michael Herman - Toronto-Calgary-Seattle

I haven't received any responses. Today on the online summit, I had a chance to ask Emil a similar version of the above question and he wasn't able to provide an answer... Let's try again...

Will anyone be talking about blockchain integration with Neo4j today? ...that is, providing support for verifiable data in Neo4j that is verifiable against a [backend] distributed ledger?

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Michael Herman
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Per the feedback on the online summit Q&A, I checked out YouTube:

Nothing there. For clarification, this isn't about importing or analyze blockchain data. My question is about whether you know of a project that has worked on securing data (entities, relationships, properties) to ensure that once an element is persisted to the Neo4j database that there is an indisputable way to verify if the data for the element is ever changed. One way to accomplish this is to calculate a digital signature of the data in the element in the Neo4j database and then store that signature and the keys for the element on a blockchain.

Any thoughts?