Neo4j AWS AMI issue on procedure user ownership

When deploying a neo4j causal cluster with AWS AMI, there is an issue on apoc and algo procedures:
the jar ownership is not set to neo4j:neo4j or neo4j:adm.
This causes warning errors in debug.log to load those procedures.

The AWS AMI I've used is the following:
neo4j-enterprise-1-3.5.11-apoc 2019-09-25T09_14_11Z-17c0aa41-14ff-4e63-9f02-b536c6f5aec4-ami-0b6d1f2ec6ea3fc59.4

Can you provide an example of the WARN messages in the debug.log?
Do the WARN messages prevent usage of apoc procedures?

Do you then change the ownership to neo4j:neo4j or neo4j:adm and the WARN messages go away?

@dana.canzano yes the WARN messages disappear when you change ownership.